Balmain Beauty

A film for Balmain Beauty
with Olivier Rousteing
Directed by Akatre

Director of Creation – Michail Papadogkonas
Make-up Artist – Samira Pikpo

Producer – Germain Robin
Line Producer – Myriam El Mounsif
Production Coordinators – Alice Louste
Chief Accountant – Ebenezer Lompo

1st Assistant Director – David Levi
Director of Photography – Julien Teissier
1st Assistant Camera A – Pauline Chevalier
1st Assistant Camera B – Alixia Mejean
2nd Assistant Camera B – Matthieu Legoupil
Steadicamer – Anthony Tarente
Underwater operator – David Foquin
1st Assistant underwater assistant camera – Mathieu Lamand
Gaffer – Benjamin Moreau
Gaffer assists – Johan Suisse, Emmanuel Roudaut, Laurine Aubin, Hadrien Ricol
Groupman – Brahim Ouchene
Chief Machinist – Maxime Toublant
Specialized Grip – Laurent Dray and Jean Chesneau
Sound Engineer – Olivier Leroy
Perchman – Bastien Lefort
General Manager – Benoît Becquereau
Stage Manager / Driver – Bastien Labat
Stage Manager / Driver – Mélany Cartigny
Accessorist – Lorraine Gaullier
Lining – Jules Diassé
Waterfall Coordinator – Franck Blanc
Human torch stuntman – Teddy Ponceau
Paris Diving
Director of the Aquatic Centre Marne and Gondoire – Ramzi Gdaiem
Apnea coach mounting and underwater safety – Jean-Marc Nguyen, Daphné Le Gal de
Kerangal and Ludovic Thomas
Thanks to Givaudan School, its students and the principal Calice Becker

Post-Producer – Germain Robin
Post-Production Sup – Alexis Diop and Elisa Johanna Känd
Editor – Florian Julia
Color Grading – Alice Prudhomme
Editor assist – Yanjun Zhou and Simon Tristant
Sound design & mix – Émilien Bernaux

VFX Supervisors – Mathieu Jussreandot et Colin Journée
VFX Coordinator – Adrien « Palmito » Renay
Production Manager VFX – Camille Sermet
Compositing – Romain Bedouet et Isabelle Tchoungang